Project to connect many beautiful tea farms in Shizuoka for local development

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About the Shizuoka Prefecture Tea Capital Guide
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What is the The Tea Capital Shizuoka Beauty Navigator?

Japanese tea of Shizuoka in Japan

Shizuoka Prefecture, known for Mount Fuji, is Japan's leader in both production and consumption of green tea. The lives of its people are steeped in the history and culture of this drink, and it is also a prominent region for tea-related research. For these reasons, Shizuoka is the center of Japan's tea industry—indeed, the Tea Capital of Japan.

Tea from the Mountains: Making Shizuoka Japan's Tea Capital

Shizuoka's warm climate and natural environment including both mountains and sea nurture a thriving tea industry all over the prefecture. Tea farms in mountainous areas are particularly noteworthy due to their sharp changes in temperature and residual fog. In addition to producing  tea with a rich, lingering fragrance and flavor, these farms also lend themselves to beautiful scenery.

Shizuoka Prefectural Government Regional Agriculture Division Economy and Industry Department
〒422-8061 静岡市葵区追手町9-6 TEL:054-221-2689 FAX:054-273-1123