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Sasaba, Obuchi, Fuji city

Perhaps no area offers a more quintessentially Japanese sight than the city of Fuji. The postcard-ready sight of boundless tea fields against the backdrop of the town’s eponymous mountain, located in the Obuchi neighborhood, is a perfect exemplar of just how stunning tea field scenery can be.

Entertaining Guests with Fuji Tea

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Bed-and-breakfast "Yamaboshi"

chanoki bed breakfast
Bed-and-breakfast "Chanoki"

 I had the privilege of partaking in Fuji tea when I visited a local bed-and-breakfast in the Obuchi area. Though I did not actually stay over, I was impressed to learn that several such establishments in the area offer guests the chance to interact with tea in a hands-on manner, by, for example, picking or pan-firing it. I was also surprised to learn that the hosts of these places welcome international visitors with some level of frequency and that the language barrier in no way inhibits those people from making the most of theirstay and leaving with smiles on their faces. One need not be fluent in a foreign tongue, it seems, to communicate through the common language of tea.

 (Steven Pelcovits, Coordinator for International Relations, Shizuoka pref.)

Obuchi sasaba
Sasaba, Obuchi


A Classic Japanese Scene

Scenic spots

 My itinerary also took me to the Sasaba area of Fuji, located in the Obuchi neighborhood. I had seen many pictures before of a snow-capped Mount Fuji soaring above a wide expanse of tea fields, which I discovered to be asignature Sasaba photo op. It was almost as if I were living inside a travel magazine.Of course, I did not pass up the chance to snap such a quintessentially Japanese and Shizuoka Prefecture shot. I look forward to returning soon and enjoying another cup of Fuji tea—and another glimpse of the Mount Fuji teafields.

(Steven Pelcovits, Coordinator for International Relations, Shizuoka pref.)

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