Project to connect many beautiful tea farms in Shizuoka for local development

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Mount Fuji southeast

The area surrounding the base of Mount Fuji is one of great scenic beauty, with stunning views of the Suruga Bay and the surrounding nature and mountains. A wide variety of agricultural and forestry products are produced here. The tea that is grown in the hilly areas throughout the city has twice in the past been presented to the royal family.


A Taste of Tea and History in Northeastern Shizuoka ①

    Negata pathwayold barn
Old wood Japanese-style barn

 My adventure began in Numazu, a city located in the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture near Mount Fuji. We first traveled the “Negata Kaido,”. It is an ancient road that used to be known as a byway for the famous Tokaido road, the ancient highway that traversed the eastern sea side of Honshu, Japan. The rich history of the area contained some hidden gems within its windy, narrow path. We visited the homes of several locals who lived along the ancient road. They were kind enough to show us the areas around their homes, and I was delighted to see the old wood Japanese-style barns with their blue shingled roofs. I imagined myself under the eaves on a hot summer’s day sipping on cold tea and felt an incredible sense of peace. The area gave me an idea of Japan before rapid urbanization swept over the country, and I relished these simple moments, imagining the way people in this area used to live. We stopped by the beautiful Daisenji Temple, where the little brother of Minamoto no Yoritomo, the founder of the shogunate in Japan, is buried. 

(Evan Bracken, Coordinator for International Relations, Shizuoka pref.)

Tea fields of halfway up the Mt. Ashitakayama

katsumata tea co.
Organic tea fields known for views of the mountain

Aeaien tea shop

A Taste of Tea and History in Northeastern Shizuoka ②

Next, we were taken to halfway up the Mount Ashitakayama, where we were treated to spectacular views of the Suruga Bay, as well as a chance to see where some of Shizuoka’s famously delicious tea is produced. High on the hilltops, the Suruga Bay stretched out before me, the massive ocean continuing infinitely in the distance. The beautiful pristine tea fields before my eyes looked like the perfect place to take a moment and enjoy some of Shizuoka’s famous tea. As much as I enjoyed my time there, it was time to head to another one of Shizuoka’s well-known sightseeing spots: The town of Gotemba, located at the foot of the famous Mount Fuji. Our destination was the organic tea producing area that is known for spectacular views of the imposing mountain. We traveled there via the “Panorama road”, which is lined with cherry blossom trees and said to be quite stunning in the springtime. After enjoying the spectacular views of the tea fields, we traveled to the nearby Araien tea shop, where we were treated to various types of tea local to the region. While the flavors of the various types we tried all tasted quite different, each was crisp, refreshing, and a perfect way to end a day dedicated to the majesty of nature and the joys of tea cultivation. Heading home that night, I reflected on all the beautiful sights and delicious tastes I had experienced. I can’t wait to go back again.

(Evan Bracken, Coordinator for International Relations, Shizuoka pref.)

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