Project to connect many beautiful tea farms in Shizuoka for local development

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Amagata and Mikura, Morimachi

This town, which is also known as the village of healthy longevity, is produces high quality tea who grew up in the middle of the mountain. You can drink to green tea with Japanese sweets in  this town.

The tea farm trip by Oscar Brekell


Oscar brekell
Per Oscar Brekell
Born and raised in Sweden but a Certified Nihoncha (Japanese Tea) Instructor since 2014. Previously an intern at the Tea Research Center in Shizuoka Prefecture Currently working for Japan Tea Export Council promoting Japanese tea overseas.

ActyMori Kaki
Acty Mori

lizard tail
Lizard's tail (Hangesho grass) field in Kajishima

Mikura Okubo
Mikura residents

 There are many factors that make a visit to the Morimachi and Haruno-cho area in the Western part of Shizuoka more than worthwhile. To begin with, it possesses most of the characteristics that are typical for the Japanese countryside from the picturesque rice paddies to the beautiful tea gardens. It also has a calm over it that is hard to find in the bustling megacities or the crowded tourist magnets that would usually be the most obvious destinations in Japan. Apart from beautiful scenery you will also be able to enjoy local agricultural products, find local crafts and a lot more. Spending just one day in such an environment is both invigorating and refreshing. 

→ Haruno-cho

 First, make sure to make a stop at Acty Mori for some local delicacies. Depending on the season, many different types of fruit and vegetables are available for sale. Of course, this includes the agricultural product most strongly associated with Shizuoka, namely tea, of which different varieties are offered. Apart from acting as a small farmers market, Acty Mori also offers other activities such as pottery classes so make sure to participate if you get a chance to.


 From Acty Mori, head for the bamboo forest in the Kajishima area where you can stop by for a refreshing walk along the small river and the water fall. If your visit coincides with the summer season you might be able to see the peculiar Hangesho grass (lizard's tail) field, a sight that can be seen only at a few places in Japan.


 If you happen to be in the area, a visit to the village of Mikura Okubo is warmly recommended, as the calmness and the tranquility one experiences standing among the tea plantations looking over the green valley is hard to beat. Some of the houses and their adjacent gardens in the area are really old so make sure to stroll around along the roads a little bit as well to appreciate the atmosphere.


Scene of tea farm and  Hangesho grass (lizard's tail)

Scenic spots
 lizard's tail
Hangesho grass (Lizard's tail)
okubo tea farm
Tea farms in Okubo, Mikura
 In Mikura, you can see the scene of inclined tea farms and the beautiful white colony of Hangesho grass (lizard's tail (Saururus chinensis)). 

By car : 15 min from Mori/Kakegawa IC (Shintomei Expressway)

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