Project to connect many beautiful tea farms in Shizuoka for local development

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Ryogochi, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka city

Though technically located in Shizuoka city, the prefectural capital, one could be forgiven for attributing Ryogochi’s idyllic atmosphere to a secluded hamlet in the countryside. Its sharp slopes are covered in tea fields, whose exposure to the naturally-occurring mist leaves them constantly verdurous and full of life.

A Green Canyon

Scenic spots
 green canyon
Green canyon of Ryogochi
suruga bay
Suruga Bay

 Getting to the top of the mountain I visited in Ryogochi wasn’t easy; at 250 meters(820 feet) above sea level and located past a series of twisting roads, the trip up required more than a little horsepower. What awaited me at the top, however, made it more than worth it. Despite the weather being slightly overcast, my view extended to Mount Fuji and nearby Suruga Bay. As an American,the aura of the forested mountains and the richly colored valley below almost reminded me of a greener version of the Grand Canyon. Naturally, one element of this landscape was the tea plants lining the mountainside. In lieu of dirt to serve as a platform, the bushes were supported by rows of tires. When I was first told of this fact prior to visiting the area, I imagined that it would bea rather intrusive sight, but was surprised upon arrival to witness how seamlessly they blended in with the natural scenery.

 (Steven Pelcovits, Coordinator for International Relations, Shizuoka pref.)

green eight cafe
Green Eight Café
A Sip of Ryogochi
 Following this, I descended the mountain and visited a nearby café to sample some of the local offerings. I helped myself to a cup of black tea that possessed a smooth, agreeable texture. The friendly café owner also treated me to a cup of hakuyōcha, literally “white leaf tea.” I was a bit surprised to see that the leaves were actually green; apparently, they derive their name from their lighter color as compared to regular plants. Nonetheless, the taste left me quite satisfied. I finished the small rice cake that came with my tea and left the café a fan of hakuyōcha and of Ryogochi.
 (Steven Pelcovits, Coordinator for International Relations, Shizuoka pref.)

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